Services Offered


  • FLAT RATE FEE!  AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE! Fees less than Insurance Allowed Amounts
  • OUTPATIENT Ortho/Sports Medicine Private Practice Serving Wilmington, NC
  • Multiple Sites! EASE of ACCESS!
  • Completely MOBILE Clinic!
  • Flexible HOURS!

We Offer Group/Corporate Memberships – Monthly Charge Packages – National Averages for a PT visit according to BCBS and Medicare Fee schedules = $100/visit.   OUR COST PER VISIT = $40!   We strongly belief that with our membership packages we are able to offer excellent affordable care – “How HealthCare is intended to be…”

Why can we offer BETTER quality service at such LOWER COST?
Volume-driven Pricing and NO “Middle-Man”, Direct-access and Low overhead costs to operate, No Insurance or Billing Agencies involved.  We offer 6-month and 12-month packages.     Click on FORMS below for Details:

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  • Corporate Wellness & Physical Therapy services – On-site physical therapy services and wellness to companies and home-site developments/communities.

  • Destination Physical Therapy – Offering unique Tropical “Destination”/”Vacation” Style Rehabilitation services and Wellness training camps in Tropical Destinations.

Recover from your surgery or injury in a luxury resort atmosphere with customized “fun” activity-based therapy.

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Also consider having us travel with your team to competitions or training camps. Our experience in International Travels with Team USA and Major International Competition Coverage, we can offer your team the best possible care before/during and after competition to ensure they perform and keep performing at their best.

Much more affordable than you think. Contact us so we can discuss the details to make this happen.

  • Sports Medicine –  We offer State-of-the-Art PHOTOBIOMODULATION / LASER Therapy , Electrical Stimulation and Video Analysis Capability which ensures our athletes/performers gets only the best in recovery and rehabilitation services. We offer clients of all ages Sports Specific Athletic Training, Strength Training and Conditioning as well as Corrective Prescription Exercise/Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy treatment and recovery. We also offer Certified KinesioTaping . Also Certified as RED CROSS Emergency Medical First Responder, which allows us to be experts backstage, court-side or on the side-line at any event!






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  • Pre-Event Athletic/Performer Preparation – We offer our athletes/performers sessions prior to their competitions or events to help them perform their best. Typically these sessions include:
    • Neuro Muscular Activation Massage
    • Neuromuscular Electro Stimulation
    • Dynamic Warm-ups or Pre-Tensing
    • Laser Treatment
    • Cupping
    • Kinesiotaping
    • Equipment Assessments – as needed

  • Wellness – Annual Screenings and Wellness visits typically include:
    • Full Body Functional Level Testing
    • Full Body Muscle Strength Tests
    • Spinal Health Assessment
    • Current Exercise Regime Analysis
    • Education with recommendations to set goals or achieve desired outcomes


  • Spinal Care –  McKenzie Certified Practitioner, DUKE-Affiliated Spine Program experience, Muscle Energy Techniques and Specialization in Spine and Ribs. Our unique combination/blending of the above techniques and training allows us to get great results.


  • Photobiomodulation / Laser Therapy – Amazing results with immediate relief from stubborn, hard-to-treat Tendonitis’ and chronic pain (Plantar Fasciitis, Shingles, Gout, etc.) Great cost effective alternative to injections and surgery. Our Class IV Laser offers the very latest in technology with scientifically proven results! Feel free to visit K-LaserUSA for more details on Laser Therapy.
CONSIDER Travelling to Wilmington, NC or any of our Tropical Destinations for a few days and allow us to address your pain or injury with IMMMEDIATE Relief!
We offer Treatment/Hotel Packages with treatments up to twice per day (depending on the condition).

Patient Laser Testimonials:

  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation – Convenient locations and choice of your own home offers post surgical clients the ability to NOT drive across town 3x/week for their rehabilitation. Our Laser system also ensures faster wound healing with less chances of complications (eg. infection/pain/scarring etc.).


  • TMJ / Vertigo / Headaches– Trained and Specializing in Physical Therapy treatment of TMJ Disorders , Headaches, VERTIGO and Dizzyness/Vestibular Rehabilitation.


  • Youth Athlete Development Summer Camps – Two 3-hour sessions daily focusing on teaching our youth:
    • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the athlete
    • Sport Specific Dynamic Warm-up and Post activity stretching skills
    • Sport Specific Strength Training
    • Sport Specific Balance and Proprioceptive training
    • Sport Specific Agility and Coordination training
    • Sport Specific Injury Prevention
    • Normal and Abnormal Pain Pattern Identification
    • Importance of Diet and Hydration
    • Treatment of Common Sport Specific Injuries


  • Group Sessions –  We offer our clients the opportunity to Continue their Progress even after Discharge from Typical Physical Therapy Treatment Progams and recommend our Specialized Group Sessions. These Sessions include our Plyometric Core Program, Functional Kinetics Group Sessions with drop-in rates or Monthly Membership Plans. We offer unique exercise on a 18′ x 18′ vinyl/2.5″ thick foam wrestling mat which reduces impact and ground reaction forces, thereby allowing high functional training/plyometric training with less impact.

  • Cupping:  See what the Hype at the 2016 RIO Olympics was all about.