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Destination Physical Therapy, Wellness and Rehabilitation Services
“We Are All Athletes…Our Level Of Competition Just Differs…”
Why Should You Be Treated Any Different Than an Olympic Athlete?
We STRIVE to make you THRIVE !

Our Experience is Unmatched and We Simply Offer You The Highest Quality Care

We Offer:
  • DIRECT ACCESS – Means No Referral Needed! 
  • Years of Experience managing Pro, Elite and Professional Sports Teams/Athletes.
  • Cash-Based, Affordable Flat-Rate Concierge Physical Therapy & Wellness & Rehabilitation Services
  • Destination Physical Therapy – Recover and get treated at one of our luxurious resorts or travel to us in Wilmington, NC while enjoying a vacation.  (see our Tropical Destination Services page)
  • Corporate Packages – Utilizing HealthCare Spending. Let us travel and take care of your employees.
  • Team/Event Coverage – Let us travel with your team and take care of your athletes before, during and after competition and/or any training camps. Much more affordable than you think! Not only Pro-Teams can have access to Team Medical Services.
We Specialize in:
    • Pre- and Post-Surgical Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
    • Sports Medicine & Ribs/Spine injuries
    • TMJ, Vertigo (dizziness) & Headaches
    • Athletic Performance Coaching (BioMechanical Approach)
    • Athletic Pre- and Post Event Treatments
    • Athletic Injury Prevention
    • Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner
    • McKenzie Method Certified (Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment)
    • Post – Concussion Treatments/Rehabilitation
    • Deep Tissue / Myofascial Release
    • Pain Management
    • Return-to-Work and Return-to-Play 
    • Body Composition Transition 
    • Strength Training and Conditioning
    • Youth Athlete Development Programs
Conditions we typically treat:

Orthopedic:   Strains / Sprains / Tendinitis’ / Spasm of Muscle / Lumbago / Cervicalgia / Radiculitis / Sciatica / DDD / Neuralgias / Any Inflammatory condition / RA / OA / DJD / Gout / Headaches / Migraines / Neuritis’ / Neuromas / Post Fracture Healing / Pain Reduction     

Podiatry:   Neuromas / Plantar Fasciitis / Bunions / Gout / Foot Pain / Arthritis / DJD / RA 

E.N.T.:   Sinusitis / Congestion / Headaches / Migraines / Facial Pain / Otitis Media / Earache /Tinnitus / Dizzyness – BPPV & other / Shingles / Bell’s Palsy / Neuritis / TMJ   

Ob/Gyn:   Nipple Vasospasm / Neuritis / Cysts / Mastitis / Low Back / Perineal / Pelvic Pain 

Any Post-Surgical Procedure:  Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy / Abolish Risks of Infection Cleaner, Faster Wound Healing with Less Scar Tissue, Less Pain / Less Narcotics with our Class 4 Laser Treatments.

Our Personalized Approach and Comprehensive Evaluations and Treatments Utilizing Exercise, Laser Therapy, and Specialized Manual Skills, Together With a Strong Belief in Early Treatment and Prevention Ensures High Quality Specific One on One Physical Therapy and Wellness Treatmentas well as Excellent Outcomes in just a few visits !

Whatever your needs – We can help you:
  • abolish or decrease your pain
  • return to work/sport/or simply life
  • increase your strength
  • increase your flexibility
  • improve your functional levels
  • improve your sports performance
  • improve your wellness
  • improve your quality of life
  • inspire and motivate
  • educate

We simply do not treat symptoms – we treat the underlying cause and by educating you we empower you to “THRIVE

Mechanical issues should not be treated with chemicals.

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